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About Priority Appliances

Priority Appliances is an innovative supplier of both pre-owned and As-Is appliances to the public, including all makes and models of refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. We offer high quality reconditioned units to those seeking fantastic values without sacrificing quality, and are often able to furnish all major household appliances for about half or less of what they might cost when new. Our As-Is units likewise offer the same models of those presently found in major outlets, ensuring the same quality (and even the same manufacturer's warranty!) for a fraction of the cost.

Our company began because a need was recognized to provide superior products to the Las Vegas Valley. Business owners Jeffery and Jeremy Rohloff, in operating their local property management company, found that their investors were seeking quality appliances at steeply discounted prices. However, after trying several different outlets and vendors, finding a consistent supply of quality pre-owned and discounted appliances became increasingly difficult. Those that were purchased were riddled with problems after installation, not thoroughly cleaned, and later revealed themselves to be in generally poor condition. Those that were in good condition were often very overpriced, and had no simplified ordering system that allowed users to buy with confidence.

For these reasons, Priority Appliances set out to offer a new type of product--one that is extremely affordable, yet offers top quality. All of our units are thoroughly tested, re-manufactured, and cleaned to ensure top performance with no problems to our customers, and every one of our appliances comes with a complimentary warranty that is much more competitive than the industry standard. Also, in an effort to simplify the purchasing process and allow our consumers to buy with confidence, users can actually view and order from our current inventory at any time online.

At Priority Appliances, we stand behind our product, and we constantly strive to offer the best value in top quality appliances at outstanding prices, while implementing modern systems to assist its customers to the best of our ability.